What is a mail merge?

Most organizations need to send mass mailings at least once in awhile. Non-profits generally send annual solicitation mailings, newsletters, notices that they send their clients, and/or party invitations. For-profits use mass mailings to market to their customers.

When you need to send out a large quantity of personalized letters, it’s tedious and time-consuming to have to type addresses on individual letters by hand. A “mail merge” automates this process for you. Whether you need to write 50 letters, 500 letters, or 5,000 letters, with a mail merge the steps are the same. You write the letter only one time, and then let the computer automatically “merge” data from your database into individual copies of the letter you wrote.

With a database constructed by SpringLight, your mail merges will be a breeze! Just a couple of clicks and the letters are ready to print. A couple more clicks and the labels or envelopes are ready to go. All that’s left for you to do is stuff the envelopes and apply postage.

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