Mastering Excel Series

Complete the whole Mastering Excel Series to improve your performance in all aspects of your job, from data analysis to creating presentations!

Excel 1: The Basics
This class isn’t just for beginners! If you’re already using Excel but you’re self-taught, use this class to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Advanced Excel users will appreciate the nuances of Excel covered in this class as well as all the shortcuts. Topics covered include: data entry tricks, editing, styles, number formatting, conditional formatting, tips for working with large spreadsheets, the basics of formulas & functions, preparing to print, and more.

Excel 2: Formulas & Data Analysis
We get into the nitty-gritty of formulas and functions, including array formulas, 3-D formulas, IF, VLOOKUP, and nested functions. The class also covers Tables and PivotTables. And we’ll take many of the topics from Excel 1: The Basics and learn advanced facets of them.

Mastering Charts & Graphics in Excel, Word, & PowerPoint
Learn it all! Pie charts, column & bar charts, trendlines, sparkines, data bars, organizational charts, flowcharts, diagrams, pictures, screenshots. We’ll use Excel to create charts. But then we’ll learn how to insert them into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, and how to master the wrapping & positioning options.

Excel 3: Sharing, Auditing, Analysis
This advanced class goes in depth into sharing and protecting workbooks, auditing formulas, performing “what if” analysis, and using add-ons. This class also covers mail merges.

Excel 4: Macros & VBA
Learn to automate Excel and create your own custom functions. This class also covers templates.