We offer a range of data consulting services.

Thinking about developing a Microsoft Access database for your organization? We can help you craft the perfect Access database solution. We start with our full-featured template and then tailor it to your needs, focusing on user-friendliness.

Or if you’re working with an old Microsoft Access database that is no longer cutting it, we can help you whip it into shape.

Do you need help figuring out what hardware or software is right for you? Or could you use a hand with getting a troublesome Excel spreadsheet to work properly? Want to set up a WordPress website?

Database Development and Beyond

SpringLight-Basic-boxshotSpringLight Contacts is light-weight and user-friendly contact management software, ready to be customized for your organization. Need to keep track of contacts? Patients? Donors? Any kind of data set where the core entity is people? This may be the solution you’re looking for.

SpringLight Grants is an easy-to-use grant management system.

SpringLight has the basic features you need and the potential to be expanded in any direction. It is designed for small to medium sized agencies: non-profits, for-profits, medical clinics, arts companies, social service agencies, and charities. We’ll tailor the software just for your organization. Add the features you need that you can’t find anywhere else. The sky is the limit.

Tailored to Perfection

The beauty of SpringLight is that we’ll tailor the software for your organization. And we’ll add new features for you at any time.

Off-the-shelf software can be too generic, lacking particular features you need. But creating custom software from scratch is too expensive for many organizations, especially nonprofits. SpringLight fills that middle space. Our approach is more affordable than most off-the-shelf software, but we’ll modify your database for you to fit your organization like a glove.

For example, perhaps you’ll want to include the donation module in your custom version of SpringLight Contacts. With this module, you have a complete donor/donation database system. You can enter donations as they roll in, associate donations with campaigns (like annual appeals, gala dinners, or special events), analyze donation statistics with a large selection of stock reports, log all communications with your donors, and easily produce mass mailings (including blast emails). Plus you can track your other types of contacts, like board members, vendors, and volunteers.

The ticket-buyer module is perfect for arts organizations. Need to track season ticket subscriptions and/or ticket sales on a show-by-show basis? We can help. We can even create a color-coded seating chart for your venue that makes it easy to tell what seats are available.

Other components you may want to include are: events, subscriptions, bookings, communication log, class registrations, etc. Incorporate just the components you need to create an interface streamlined for your organization and omit the features you’ll never use.

Is your organization a clinic? Use SpringLight to create a customized patient management system, suited for your particular patient population and the idiosyncrasies of your clinic. Track scheduled appointments, doctor examinations (following the SOAP layout, if desired), lab tests, prescriptions, and dispensed drugs. Collect data on your patients for use in research projects.

SpringLight is the starting point for a custom application without the hassle or expense of having to start from scratch.

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